Edmund Rice England - Presence . Compassion . Liberation

Prayers & Reflections

Be Still and Know

In the silence are heard
Whisper, sibilance and sigh:
The breathing of the sleeping child
Cradled nearby:
The stir of mouse, insect and bird.
In the silence of the Word.
In the stillness discern
The minutiae of form;
The shape and symmetry of fern,
The insphered calyx of the rose,
Delicate spearheads
Of catkin in repose.
In the stillness the Word.
In the silence far wounds draw near:
The cataract below the hill-top,
Laughter in the next valley,
The unseen lark we hear.
In the stillness the small
Encompasses the all:
The still pool accepts within its secrecy
The height, the depth, the mystery
Of the vast sky.
And in the stillness, I
May take the imprint of the Word:
In the silence, I
Receive the Lord
Alice Fairclough
Circles of Silence’

God is Today

God is today.
He is not yesterday.
He is not tomorrow.
God is the dawn, wakening earth to life;
the first morning ever,
shining with infinite innocence; a revelation
older than all beginning, younger than youth.
God is the noon, blinding the eye of the mind
with the blaze of truth.
God is the sunset, casting over creation
a color of glory
as He withdraws into mysteries of light.
God is today.
He is not yesterday.
He is not tomorrow.
He never is night.
Jessica Powers
From ‘The Selected Poetry of Jessica Powers
Published by ICS Publications, Washington D.C
In stillness
And silence
I know
You are my God
And I love you (silence)
There is no
Felt awareness
But deeper inside
Than I knew existed
I am with you (silence)
All else
Is of no account
My pride, self doubt
Washed aside (silence)
Held in being
Loved into life
Delicately balanced
Joy transcending
Aching anguish (silence)
Called by name
Compelled by love
Desiring nothing
Except your will
Expressed in me

Christine Bull

O God of love

O God of love, we ask you to give us love,
Love in our thinking, love in our speaking,
Love in our doing,
And love in the hidden places of our souls:
Love of those with whom we find it hard to bear,
And of those who find it hard to bear with us,
Love of those with whom we work,
And love those with whom we take our ease,
That so at length we may be worthy to dwell with you
Who are eternal love

William Temple 1881 – 1944

Prayer for Another

As runs the river down to the sea
May God’s love to you flow free.
As lap the waves upon the shore
God’s presence come to you evermore.
As mighty hills rise in their place
May God fill you with his good grace.
As streams in valleys run so deep
May God’s strong arm protect and keep.
As shines the sun so faithfully
May God give his prosperity.
As God most high created you
May He fill your whole life through.
As Christ the Saviour hung on the cross
May He redeem your life from loss.
As the Spirit shall on you descend
May He become your lasting friend.
As you are surrounded by the Trinity
May they protect you unto infinity.

David Adam
‘Power Lines’
Triangle, 1992

Prayer for Friendship

You have blessed us, O God
with the gift of friendship,
the bonding of persons
in a circle of love.
We thank you for such a blessing:
for friends who love us,
who share our sorrows,
who laugh with us in celebration,
who bear our pain,
who need us as we need them,
who weep as we weep,
who hold us when words fail,
and who give us the freedom
to be ourselves.
Bless our friends with health,
wholeness, life, and love.

Vienna Cobb Anderson
“Prayers of Our Hearts”
© 1991 Vienna Cobb Anderson.


May the songs of the angels sustain you,
may the praises of the saints inspire you,
may the silent music of the Unseen Trinity be in your heart,
and the blessing of God almighty,
the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit,
be among you and remain with you always.

To Live with the Spirit

To live with the Spirit of God is to be a listener.
It is to keep the vigil of mystery,
earthless and still.
One leans to catch the stirring of the Spirit,
strange as the wind’s will.
The soul that walks where the wind of the Spirit blows
turns like a wandering weather-vane toward love.
It may lament like Job or Jeremiah,
echo the wounded hart, the mateless dove.
It may rejoice in spaciousness of meadow
that emulates the freedom of the sky.
Always it walks in waylessness, unknowing;
it has cast down forever from its hand
the compass of the whither and the why.
To live with the Spirit of God is to be a lover.
It is becoming love, and like to Him
toward whom we strain with metaphors of creatures:
fire-sweep and water-rush and the wind’s whim.
The soul is all activity, all silence;
and though it surges Godward to its goal,
it holds, as moving earth holds sleeping noonday,
the peace that is the listening of the soul.

Jessica Powers

Walk Carefully as You Come Here

Walk carefully as you come here,
for God is here before you.

Walk humbly as you come here,
for two or three are gathered.

Walk softly as you come here,
for the Spirit may speak in the silence of this place.

With grateful hearts we gather in this place.
God was here before we came.

God is with us now.
God in three persons,

Blessed Trinity.
This is for us a sacred place.

Margaret Walsh
‘An Anthology of Inspiration’

We thank you, God
Because you give us
more than we would ever dream of asking:
daily bread and shared meals that become feasts,
the breath of life and voices to celebrate,
the understanding of our history and the hope of our future.
Work we can do and time to be recreated,
people to love and trust,
people who love and trust us,
gifts and responsibilities.

We thank you, God
because you ask of us more than we dream of giving:
skills we have never developed,
care for a world whose problems we cannot solve,
listening which hurts us,
giving which leaves us empty handed,
love which makes us vulnerable,
faith which seems impossible.
But you do not ask us to be supermen and women.
You challenge us to be human.
Give us the courage to be human
because you yourself became human and lived our lives,
knowing our imperfections,
sharing our joy and pain,
making us your people so that we can say together,
‘Our Father…’

Jan S Pickard
‘50 Great Prayers from the Iona Community’

Some reflections from Mother Teresa

People are often unreasonable , irrational , and self-centred . Forgive them anyway.
If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish , ulterior motives. Be kind anyway .
If you are successful, you will win some unfaithful friends and some genuine enemies. Succeed anyway.
If you are honest and sincere , people may deceive you. Be honest anyway .
What you spend years creating , others could destroy overnight. Create anyway.
If you find serenity and happiness , some may be jealous. Be happy anyway.
The good you do today will often be forgotten. Do good anyway.
Give the best you have and it will never be enough . Give your best anyway.
In the final analysis , it is between you and God. It is never between you and them anyway.

Live Simply

Each leaf, each petal ,
Each grain, each person,
Sings your praises,
Creator God.
Each creature on the earth,
All the moutains,
And great seas,
Show your glory
Spirit of Love.
And yet the hand of greed
Has patented and plundered
Your splendour,
Has taken and not shared
Your gift,
Has lived as owner of the earth
Not guest.
And so the ice is cracked
The rivers dry,
The valleys flooded
And the snowcaps melt.
God our Father, show us
How to step gently
How to live simply,
How to walk lightly
With respect and love
For all you have made.


Linda Jones/CAFOD

Prayer for Canonization

Oh God, who in your love for the souls of innocent children, chose Blessed Edmund Rice to establish new religious families in your Church for their instruction, look favorably we beseech you, on his virtues and good works, and if it be for your glory and the sanctification of souls, mercifully hear our prayer that he may be raised to the altars of your holy Church.

Prayer of Petition

Oh, God, I thank you for the life of Blessed Edmund Rice.
Moved by your Spirit, he opened his heart to Christ present in those oppressed by poverty and injustice by affording them the opportunity of Christian education and by engaging on their behalf in works of compassion.

Inspired by his faith and generosity may I follow his example in my life.

Grant me the courage and compassion of Blessed Edmund Rice and through his intercession grant the petition I now make I offer this prayer in the name of Jesus.



Prayer of Thanks for Blessed Edmund Rice

O God, we thank you for the life of Edmund Rice.
He opened his heart to Christ present in those oppressed by poverty and injustice.
May we follow his example of faith and generosity.
Grant us the courage and compassion of Edmund as we seek to live lives of love and service.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.