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Getting to Know the Network

A series of three modules designed to inform and inspire students from primary through to sixth form about the Edmund Rice family and what it means to them.

Module A:
Primary – aimed at pupils from Year 4 – Year 6

Module B:
Secondary – aimed at pupils in Year 7
Teachers notes
Edmund Rice family

Module C:
Secondary – aimed at year 12 students

All modules should be completed at the beginning of the academic year in order to enhance the experience of students throughout the coming key stage. Each one finishes with a ‘promise’ of how the students will aim to live out the eight essentials and be one of ‘Edmund’s people’.

Teachers; you may wish to display these promises somewhere in school and re-vist them later in the year to assess how students have taken up the challenges they set themselves.

Modules can be printed and stuck into exercise books and saved as pupils own work.

There is a downloadable certificate which you can award to every pupil who completes the module.

Please feedback to Ann Nichols on how these modules work in practice and with any suggestions as to how they might be modified.

We hope these prove to be useful in engaging and informing pupils about the Network.

You can now download our Guide for schools & families here


Prayer of Thanks for Blessed Edmund Rice

O God, we thank you for the life of Edmund Rice.
He opened his heart to Christ present in those oppressed by poverty and injustice.
May we follow his example of faith and generosity.
Grant us the courage and compassion of Edmund as we seek to live lives of love and service.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.